The Stuff That Fits You is a collaborative exhibition hosted in a domestic space

co-curated by Paul Chapellier and Beverley Gadsden.

May 2018


With: Paul Chapellier, Héloïse Delègue, Rosa Doornenbal, Richard Ensor, Saskia Fischer, Beverley Gadsden, Teal Griffin, Anna Mikkola and Miriam Naeh


How do objects construct identities? Do I look like the pile of books on my table? Is my shelf arrangement an extension of myself? We find ourselves in objects as much as they shape us. The consumption of things goes hand in hand with their site of production, making the space we inhabit both private and public.


'The Stuff that Fits You' is a collaborative exhibition set up in a domestic space to consider the blurring of private and corporate space alongside the idea of merging art and everyday life. Drawing on these notions 'The Stuff that Fits You' deploys the function of a London flat as exhibition site to contextualise and intervene in the way objects unfold in the domestic sphere rather than as a white cube-like exhibition. Relying on an installation process that uses the proximity between artworks and the room's furniture to create an ambiguous space where each object unfolds its own narrative.


If lifestyle has merged identity construction with the act of purchasing, what is left of ourselves in the commercial sphere? 'The Stuff that Fits You' examines how objects haven’t completely given up to the realm of commercial extraction and how they can retain a different agency that creates an intimate space between them and us. The exhibition will seek to materialise a space where the narrative of the personal and the object are intertwined.


Like a collection, the dialogue between artworks and furniture will develop the complex relationship production and consumption, considering the lived experience of looking at and making art in the home through screens and everyday objects - showcasing a variety of artworks between sculpture, video and image.